Frequently Asked Questions


How do participants enroll?
  • Go to Under "Login" there is a link to "Click Here" to start the enrollment process.
  • Complete secure online enrollment on the "Account Details" page. Valid SSN must be entered for each participant. 1099s will be issued for any participant earning $599.99 or more within a calendar year.
  • Sales Reps can also start the process via their phone App.
What if a form is submitted and the customer has not yet enrolled?
  • Every new claim form has the necessary fields to begin enrollment.
  • If these are not completed and the participant does not have an account, the claim will not be processed. Sticker Bucks Program HQ will do its best to contact the Sales Rep and/or customer to gather the correct information to complete enrollment and award funds, but it is the responsibility of the participant to fully enroll in the program.
How do users get a username and password?
  • After completing enrollment on the "Account Details" page, click the Submit button.
  • Complete the information on any claim form; you will receive an email invitation after the claim has been entered.
  • Enter your email address in the Email field, and choose your own password. If you forget your password, just click "Forgot Password" on the login page.
What is the PIN #?
  • A four digit PIN is self-selected by participants during enrollment. This number is used as an extra layer of security only when sensitive information is being changed by a user online. This PIN is not related to the debit card.

Mobile App

Who uses the smart phone App?
  • Sales Reps only. They can scan a customer’s claim form to process, check claim status, or begin the enrollment process for a participant, and more.
Why should Sales Reps use the smart phone App?
  • Using the App to process a claim can fund the claims within an hour.
  • Note: You must still submit the claim form and it must reach Award HQ within 30 days of awarding funds.
Where can Sales Reps download the App?
  • Sales Reps must be designated by Program Administrators, then complete online enrollment at Upon enrollment completion, they will be able to download the App.
Does the App work on all phones?
  • The App is built for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.
  • The following models and higher will be supported:
    • iPhone 3Gs
    • Blackberry 6.0
    • Android 2.2
Do Sales Reps have to use the smart phone App?
  • No. Sales Reps may send the forms to a Program Administrator to submit, or they can mail them to Award HQ.
  • Note: It is the fastest way to deliver award funds to your customer.
What should I do if I don’t have reception on my mobile device?
The App will not function properly if you are offline. Therefore, you should simply mail in the form to Award HQ.
Who do I contact for support with the App?
Phone: 1-877-769-3404 M-F/8:30 AM to 5:00 PM CST.

Claim Forms

Do Technicians and Advisors have to use the new claim form?
  • There is a Sticker Claim Form and an RO/Spiff Claim Form. Please use the appropriate option. A new claim form must be used each time
Can the new claim form be photocopied?
  • No, it will not be accepted if photocopied. Remember, each form has a unique barcode and cannot be duplicated.
How do I request more claim forms to provide to my customers?
  • Call Sticker Bucks Plus Program HQ at 1-877-769-3404
  • Sales Reps can order through the App under Admin Tools/Order Claim Forms.
How do Technicians and Advisors use the new claim form?
  • Every form must be completed in its entirety, every time.
  • Affix stickers to Sticker Claim Form, and attach supporting documentation to RO/Spiff Claim Forms.
  • Submit to Sales Reps or mail directly to Sticker Bucks Plus Program HQ. To guarantee arrival if sending via mail, use a tracking service.
What if a Claim Form is lost?
  • Call Sticker Bucks Plus Program HQ at 1-877-769-3404 for support and direction.
  • Have your claim form receipt available for reference.
How do I check the status of a claim?
  • Login to:
  • Sales Reps can check using the App.
  • Call Sticker Bucks Plus Program HQ at 1-877-769-3404.

Debit Card

When does a participant receive a card?
  • When their first redemption of $25 in stickers occurs.
  • Cards will not be sent unless there is value loaded on them.
How long does it take to get a card?
  • Approximately 7-14 business days.
How long is the card valid?
  • Three years from date of issue.
What fees does the new debit card have?
  • Participants should refer to their card-holder agreement for a complete list of fees for debit card.
  • Fee Details:
    • No fee for inactivity.
    • One free call to customer service per month.
    • One free ATM withdrawal per month at any Bank of America ATM.
Who should I call if I have more questions about the Debit Card?
  • Bank of America Customer Service: 1-877-617-4184

1099 Info

Will I be taxed on earnings in the Sticker Bucks Plus program?
Participants earning $599.99 or more in the program during the calendar year will be taxed.
Who sends me a 1099?
Participants earning $599.99 or more in the program during the calendar year will receive a 1099 from either Valvoline/Ashland and/or their Distributor -- depending on the earnings through Sticker Bucks and/or RO/Spiff activity at your location.


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