Official Program Rules

  1. Official Program Dates: January 1 - December 31. Eligible participants may earn awards throughout the calendar year.
    All participants must enroll (see item #3) with the new program to continue receiving awards.
  2. Eligible Participants: This program is available to all accounts and their Technicians and Advisors in the United States where permitted by account management. All accounts and their affiliated businesses must be in good standing with Valvoline (Ashland Inc.) and their participating distributors in order to be eligible for any awards.
  3. Enrollment: Enrollment can be initiated in the ways listed below. COMPLETE enrollment occurs when the user has finalized the required fields on their online user profile and submitted them to the database.
    1. Via your Sales Rep (using the smart phone App).
    2. ”Enroll Now” from the home page at
    3. All claim forms have the required fields to initiate the process. Enrollment confirmation will be sent upon completion of the enrollment process. Sticker Bucks Plus debit cards will be mailed after a participant’s first complete claim is processed. It should take 7-14 business days for the card to arrive.
  4. New Sticker Bucks Plus Debit Card: To receive awards in the new program, participants must have a new Sticker Bucks Plus debit card issued to them. See #3 above for details.
  5. Eligible Product: The following eight products carry stickers available for redemption:
    1. Engine
    2. Coolant
    3. Brake Systems
    4. Drive Line
    5. Power Steering
    6. Fuel
    7. Transmission
    8. A/C
  6. Award Earnings: The award value per product is determined on an account-by-account basis. Please see your manager or sales rep for the specific value in place at this time.
  7. Award Redemption: On a single form users must claim a minimum of $25.00 in stickers, based on the value at your location, to have your claim processed. Debit cards are funded the same day each claim form and RO is processed. You will receive an email alert when the process is complete.
  8. Award Funds Expiration: Funds expire when your card expires. Standard card life is three years. There are no fees for card inactivity. See card holder agreement for details.
  9. Purchase Verification: Participants may be subject to periodic program audits, without prior notice. Fraudulent activities will result in the participant automatically forfeiting their right to participate and any awards not yet redeemed.
  10. Tax Reporting: Award fund earning will require the submission of your Federal Tax ID number or personal Social Security Number in accordance with IRS regulations. Valvoline (Ashland Inc.) and/or your Distributor will issue IRS Form 1099s for all participants located in the United States whose earnings exceed a cumulative total of $599.99. If you earned both Sticker Bucks and other RO/Spiff earnings, you could receive two separate 1099s to cover all your earnings.
  11. Agreements with national organizations supersede those of the Sticker Bucks Plus program and may reduce or eliminate award earning opportunities.
  12. Awards cannot be substituted for any other award option. Taxes not indicated as included are the responsibility of the participant.
  13. By accepting the rules of this program, you are agreeing to receive email communications from Sticker Bucks Plus Award Headquarters. In order to ensure delivery of these communications, please add to your email Contacts list.
  14. Valvoline (Ashland Inc.) and its distributors reserve the right to change or modify program rules, regulations, requirements or reward options or cancel this program in its entirety at any time, without prior notice.
  15. This program is void where prohibited by law and closed to employees and their family members who are employed by Valvoline (Ashland Inc.), or its distributors, advertising and promotion agencies.
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